Coloured Dust and Metallic particles (2017) are industrial waste that have been processed into an almost ash like form. The ashes were collected from a waste recycling centre in Thailand, a country which is currently home to a large amount of industrial waste from many developed nations. The centre receives unwanted materials from various major international industries, including automobile and electronics.

These ashes were transported from Thailand to Japan via a commercial flight. Ashes were then taken to an open-air rooftop of a commercial building in Shibuya (a major shopping district area of Tokyo) and scattered onto a sheet of archival paper.

Dust often intertwine with 'progress' and 'modernity' through destruction, construction and reconstruction. As Campany (2015) notes dusts are despise by modernity as it is 'the waste product, the extraneous stuff, the marginalia that clogs and clumps and must be got rid of'.

The abstract like traces are primarily aimed at shedding light on the industry as a whole - its processes, practices as well as the potential impact it might be having - and the need for balance between economic prosperity and the check and balance of these multi-national industries.