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Site Specific work for Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Tower Sketch
A blow up image from the original sketch of Sathorn Unique Tower taken at the Rangsan Torsuwan's Architecture firm in the Siam Square district. The Sathorn Unique Tower is a so called 'ghost tower' - an unfinished 47 storey luxury condominium with over 600 units, located next to Chao Phraya River. With its prominent use of Greco Roman elements, particularly the numerous columns plastered on every floor and balcony, the structure reflects an exuberant design style, which was typical of many buildings during the 90s. The construction came to a halt in 1997 due to the Asian financial crisis, which caused a collapse in Bangkok's real estate market and resulted in over 200 unfinished high-rise projects in the city. This building, alongside the other dozen 'ghost towers', provide a lingering reminder of the tentative nature of the economy and these structures.