This project explores the constant bombardment of sounds and images from advertising and commerce within city life. From the moment we wake to when we fall asleep, we're confronted by a barrage of signals and messages all vying for our attention. Within our home, televisions, smartphones and computers cry out to us. Our journey to work or to friends? houses sees billboards and mega malls vying for our attention. The onslaught of advertising from modern technology is so prevalent within the everyday that it has become accepted as the new norm.

For this collaborative project I used an old digital camera sensor - a Nikon d70 dslr camera first released in 2004. I pushed the ISO of the camera to its maximum setting and images have been intentionally converted to greyscale and printed up to 3 metres in length - much larger than the recommended. This augmentation allows the digital noise usually bury under a crisp clean digital file to reveal itself.