DREAM PROPERTY (2014-ongoing) is a project that examines the nature of property development and its relationship to the city. In spite of Bangkok's recent unsettled political situation, which has culminated in two military coups in 2006 and 2014, property development in the capital has continued to soar. A staggering 50,100 new condominium units are estimated to have been launched in 2014 while a further 35,000 units were launched in 2015 and 2016 (Colliers Forecast, 2014-16). The rapid development has come hand in hand with the expansion of city's transit system, which includes the Bangkok Sky Train as well as the construction of a variety of major roads and canal transit system.

The effects of this expansion is the focus of each piece within DREAM PROPERTY. Each [image/piece] takes a different approach to the subject, helping surface the many different tensions that are inherent within property development.

Empty Lot reflects upon the transience of nature in Bangkok's ever-expanding cityscape.

In Excerpts taken from Bangkok Real Estate Advertising the (presumed) aspirations of local people are mirrored in a collection of glossy and over exuberant advertising in English text.

Room, represents the culmination of this frenetic rate of expansion with newly-built interior spaces that await occupation. These images raise questions concerning aspiration, reality and the future of the city.

Sky View is an image that was taken from the 30th floor balcony of The Sukhothai Residences, situated in the central business district of Sathorn. The property is described as having a 'sophisticated design' and 'uncompromising elegant way of life'. It is one of the most expensive
properties in Bangkok with a price tag of up to 490,000 THB1 per square metre. The property comes equipped with a '100m pool complex', 'The Floating Pavilion' Gym, Tennis Court and 'The Nim Marn Lounge' to cater 'for your unforgettable occasions'.

1 490,000 THB / 13,828 USD / 12,485 EUR / 11,261 GBP
(According to Google Exchange on 11.10.2016)

1 square metre of soil presents a block of soil dug by the artist from an 'empty lot' that is ready to be developed into a high rise condo in Ratchaprasong's residential area. The cost of 1x square of metre of condo in this district is between 300,0002 to 380,0003 Baht. The site was previously a primary school that the artist attended 29 years ago.

2 300,000 THB / 8,466 USD / 7,644 EUR / 6,894 GBP
3 380,000 THB / 10,712 USD / 9,682 EUR / 8,733 GBP
(According to Google Exchange on 11.10.2016)

Tower Sketch is an image from the original sketch of The Sathorn Unique Tower taken at the Rangsan Torsuwan's Architecture firm in the Siam Square district. The Sathorn Unique Tower is a so called 'ghost tower' - an unfinished 47 storey luxury condominium with over 600 units, located next to Chao Phraya River. With its prominent use of Greco Roman elements, particularly the numerous columns plastered on every floor and balcony, the structure reflects an exuberant design style, which was typical of many buildings during the 90s. The construction came to a halt in 1997 due to the Asian financial crisis, which caused a collapse in Bangkok's real estate market and resulted in over 200 unfinished high-rise projects in the city. This building, alongside the other dozen 'ghost towers', provide a lingering reminder of some of the dangers and possible tentative nature of the economy within the rapid rate of property development.