Between the Everyday (2012) is a photographic project that provides an exploration into the everyday activities and sometimes banal interactions that surround modern life. Through this collection I want to confront the many moments that faded from memory but form the key threads in the fabric of the day to day - from the objects that one regularly encounters in the workplace to the interactions shared with close friends.

The project came about through an understanding that the rise of social media and the willingness of people to share their lives online has created a need to capture and document moments of happiness (be it truthful or staged) in a constant quest to feel affirmed with one's life. This in turn imagines a world that is somewhat divorced from reality, and with this thought in mind I wanted to focus purely on recognising what can be understood as a 'non-moment'- that is ? an experience which often gets left behind but yet still forms a piece of the puzzle in who we are and how we live.

As such, it was important to show a degree of self-consciousness when capturing these 'non moments'. I carefully selected items and objects which would go by unnoticed but I wanted to draw attention to them and thus would ensure they took centre stage in composition and framing of the photo. I also took this approach when capturing people, and in the instance of the girl that appears in the selected images, I wanted to maintain the feeling of the mundane that accompanies a 'non moment' but similar to a stereotypical depiction of happiness, I wanted this feeling to be recognised within the subject. The act and feeling surrounding grocery shopping, eating or smoking are brought into full focus in an effort to reveal a closer examination of who we are and how we live within modern life.